As a so-called IPR Infringements issue, all the B2C business platform such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, DHgate, etc. all don’t allow any item connected with IPTV to be sold there, what’s more, Google also keeps removing web pages with information of IPTV, so now people find that it’s too hard to find a provider, rather than they have enough choice in the past…they even can not get a test, let alone to find a solid provider to subscribe.

so now it’s the best chance to sell on the local market, esp. if you have a great number of friends, plus now most of them are not allowed to go outside but stay at home, which is too boring, and the sole entertainment is watching TV, all of those brings a great chance for the reseller business.

Lastly, the reseller price is much more competitive than retails price, we would glad to see our retail clients get good TV experience, our reseller customers make great money based on working hard.

Resellers have all their clients everything under control, such as create test links, renew subscription, username change, remove/add channel list bouquets, and more of that you can imagine…so which brings you more convenience to offer your clients any of services on time.

The reseller panel is also easy to use, you will get to know how to deal with it within minutes, and we also have a guide on how to manage it with all details on each of the function button, please believe that after the feedback from thousands of resellers, they have met all the questions you will meet, so no worry on that.

You will be quested to purchase credits to get a reseller panel on Free, and all the credits will not be expired forever, so if you don’t sell out the credits, then it’s valid there until you get new clients to purchase.

We don’t offer reseller panel test until you purchase 10 credits to get a free panel for that, and you can split the 10 credits to multi clients with the following rules:

12 months: 2 credits
6 months: 1 credit
3 months: 0.5 credit
1 month: 0.2 credit

Eg. if you purchase 10 credits, and now you sell a 6 months link, after you create the 6 months link which will consume 1 credit from your panel, and you get 10 – 1 = 9 credits left there in your panel.

How can I proceed to be a reseller?

Firstly, pay for 10 credits payment, send username and password for your panel, then we will send you the panel url, and portal url for mag, then you get sign-in panel and get to know how to use it with the guide in the Home section, simple like this.

Later as you run out all of your credits, please purchase again and we will add new credits to your panel directly.

Any more questions, please contact us freely.

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